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We have created a set of relationship management tools that allow our clients to leverage the current contact database to reap the best of business. Our tools are designed to help you build E-Relationships with all of the contacts that you deal with in your business. Whether that is a Customer, Vendor, Prospect, Affiliate, Employee or Reseller our tools helps you build that relationship. You can Identify their needs and put your business in the position to respond quickly to the ever changing business climate.

Our marketing tool box includes but is not limited to:

  • Email Campaigning
  • Phone Campaigning
  • Online Surveys
  • Sales Data Warehousing
  • Lead Tracking
  • Press Releases
  • Contact Profiling
  • Content Syndication
  • Ad Syndication
  • Our marketing tool set is known as ContactCrazy.com. Contact Crazy is tightly integrated into our web hosting envirnonment. It is also capable of being tightly integrated into web sites that are not hosted by 4Intranets.com.

    As an example of integration we used our Sales Data Warehousing system connected to our contact management system to email a customer satisfaction surveys to a clients top 100 customers ( based on sales history). We received instant feedback as to how the client might improve their customer relationships.

    We have proven time and again that E-Marketing works and that our tool set has the necessary features to get the job done. If you would like more information on our capabilities please Contact Us.