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An Intranet is a web site that is targeted for your companies internal use. Documents that might typically be kept at different locations within your company. can be consolidated in one location and accessible to each employee based on need and authorization.

As an example you might have a holiday schedule or an employee handbook. These documents can change from time to time and if they are printed and distributed then there can be many different copies floating around the office and who knows which one is the current one.

With an intranet the document is placed on the intranet and anyone who is authrozied to view the document can view the current active document. When changes to the document are made they are instantly available to all who have access

We have taken this one step further and made it possible for the small to medium sized business to have an intranet without having the expense of building and maintaining the computer infrasture necessary to host an Intranet. Through secure access we provide the necessary infrasture by hosting the Intranet on our infrastructure.

For an affordable monthly fee you can have an intranet site.If you would like more information on our capabilities please Contact Us